Painting Cabinets with a Sprayer
A Sprayer Makes Painting Cabinets a Snap
Home-improvement gurus advise updating simple things, such as staining trim or cabinets, to change to style of a room or give it a much needed pick-me-up. Experts offer these tips to help do-it-yourselfers complete their next project with a paint sprayer.
Plan of Attack
Whether you're cooking up ways to improve your kitchen or want to weatherize your deck, take some time to plot out how you will achieve your goal. That may include creating a list of materials you will need, a budget for the project and some basic designs or drawings that will help you work.
Make the Time
Mark some space on your calendar to dedicate to your project. It also helps to set an end date. That way you are more inclined to stay on task and finish the job. When creating a timeline, don't forget to factor in activities such as purchasing items, set-up and clean-up. Also, be sure to give yourself time to work at a comfortable pace.
Tools of the Trade
The right tools can help keep small jobs simple. Most wood or metal surfaces require fine bodied materials that can be best applied with high volume, low pressure sprayers.

Steps to Conquer Staining Cabinets

By using a paint sprayer, you can save time and avoid removing the cabinets from the wall. Just take off the handles and hardware and start the prep work.
Prepare the room. Tape and cover items like counters, walls, appliances, floor etc. Determine the amount of time needed to complete the project and avoid traffic in that area.
Thoroughly clean the surface so the stain can properly cover it. After cleaning, allow the surface to dry overnight before staining.
Prior to staining, make sure you are following the safety protocol. Only use a sprayer rated for interior use. Avoid breathing, getting the material in your eyes and on your skin, so be sure to use a respirator, glasses and gloves. Have no open flames in the room such as gas stoves, ovens or a gas furnace.
Allow the stain to thoroughly dry between coats; at least overnight. Once dry, attach the hardware/handles. Or update your cabinet hardware with new pieces or refinish the old ones for an updated and finished look.